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As someone deeply passionate about the world of wedding, I wholeheartedly understand the profound significance of looking and feeling your absolute best on this extraordinary occasion.

Beyond the realm of makeup artistry, I've had the privilege of serving as a makeup competition judge, an author, and a super confidence coach for women.

My commitment to excellence has earned me the title of the Queen of Speed in the industry. This accolade ensures that not only will you look your absolute best, but it also means you can begin your wedding day at a more relaxed hour, avoiding the early morning rush.

Being most efficient with my quality of work, it allows you to spend less time in the back room changing and touching up.

making your day as stress-free as possible and allowing you to cherish every precious moment with your loved ones.

With 19 years of experience, I take great pride in creating unique and personalized looks for each bride, regardless of their chosen style. My specialization in working with Asian skin tones and facial features guarantees a customized bridal appearance that will enhance your natural beauty.

I utilize only the highest quality products, carefully chosen for their suitability, especially for those with sensitive skin. This ensures a flawless, long-lasting makeup look that will stay radiant throughout your special day.

Your wedding day deserves nothing less than perfection, and I am here to make sure it lasts from the first moment you step out, till you bid adieu to your guests.

My ultimate goal is that, as you flip through your wedding photos on your anniversary, a decade from now, you'll exclaim,

'Wow, I looked truly amazing on my special day.'

Get ready to shine and create memories that will endure a lifetime. Your journey to bridal beauty perfection starts right here, with someone who genuinely cares about making your day unforgettable.

Martha Mok

Founder & Director of D'Makeupstation

Why Choose Martha?

Solving Your Bridal Beauty Worries

Uneven eyes &

Low Nose Bridge

We expertly address uneven eyes and enhance low nose bridges in our Asian clients through precise eyelid tape and contouring techniques, ensuring you radiate confidence and embrace your unique beauty on your special day.

Hooded eyes & Mature Skin

I employ a unique eye enhancement technique using eyelid tape and eyelashes to lift and rejuvenate hooked eyes, while also restoring a radiant glow and even skin tone for those with mature skin, helping you embrace your unique beauty with confidence.

Troubled Skin &

Sensitive skin

We've dedicated ourselves to solving sensitive and troublesome skin issues, aiming to minimize reactions. Be it pimples, eczema, dermatitis, or rosacea, we understand the insecurities they can trigger. Through makeup, we enhance your appearance and correct skin discolorations, helping you regain confidence and feel truly beautiful.

Australia's Asian Makeup Queen

Multi Award Winning International

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Unveiling Timeless Beauty:

Radiant Beginnings:

Bridal Bliss Awaits:

What We Bring to Your Special Day

Indulge in the world of high-end bridal beauty with Martha and her expert team.

From your initial consultation to the final touch-up, we cover every aspect of your journey to the aisle. Martha's expertise lies in customizing each service to enhance your unique features, ensuring you feel stunning and authentic on your big day.

Our transparent pricing information and "Request a Quote" option provide confidence as you embark on your bridal beauty journey.

Martha and her team promise a transformative experience, leaving you radiant and ready to embrace your wedding day with grace and elegance.


How It Works

Chat With Martha Mok

Begin your journey with a personal conversation with Martha herself. During this initial consultation, Martha will attentively listen to your bridal vision, understand your unique preferences, and provide valuable insights.

Customized Bridal Plan

Following your chat with Martha, you'll receive a meticulously crafted, customized bridal plan tailored to your specific needs and desires. This comprehensive plan outlines the step-by-step journey to achieving your bridal beauty goals, ensuring that every detail is considered.

Transformative Bridal Experience

As you embark on your transformative bridal experience with Martha and her team, you'll witness your dreams coming to life. From pre-wedding trials to destination wedding services, Martha's expertise will leave you feeling radiant, confident, and ready to embrace your wedding day with grace and elegance.

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Your wedding day, your beauty, your story — it all starts right here with Martha Mok Bridal.

At Martha Mok Bridal, we're more than just makeup artists; we're your partners in crafting a breathtaking bridal experience. With unparalleled expertise, dedication to luxury, and a commitment to making you feel confident and beautiful, we're here to ensure that your wedding day is nothing short of perfect.

Join us on this remarkable journey to bridal beauty excellence. Chat with Martha Mok today, and let's begin creating the timeless, radiant, and unforgettable bridal look you've always dreamed of.

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